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After dealing with some difficult life transitions, I found the practice of yoga. I truly believe anyone can benefit from the practice of yoga. At 8 months pregnant, I became certified to teach yoga and share my passion. 




I believe Yoga provides so many benefits beyond just the physical. It’s about connecting the mind, body and spirit. Yoga is a great teacher for dealing with life’s moments.  The time on your mat is about you and your journey, allowing yourself that time and space to connect. I have extended my learning and became certified in Seniors Yoga, Children’s Yoga, Ages 2-12yrs old, as well as extensive study and certifications in Sound Therapy. Sound therapy uses vibrational music for deep self-reflection. This self-reflection assists with improving your physical and emotional wellbeing, which can improve your health. For the Children- What a great GIFT to give our little ones at such a young age. The practice of building empathy, compassion and healthily managing their feelings and emotions. For Adults of all ages- You can find me teaching anything from a Chair or Gentle style class incorporating a guided meditation or sound to a Vinyasa/Flow/Power style class.


My classes accommodates all skill levels- all ages- all bodies! Modifications are always encouraged and offered.  Breath is the key! Please join me on the mat!

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